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A Bad Knight for Tackleberry is the 46th episode of the Police Academy animated series.


Tackleberry feels that police-work has lost it's challenge for him. Gang leader Throttle wants revenge on Tack and steals the Professor's latest invention: a helmet that can predict any opponent's next move. He dresses up as a video game character that Tackleberry failed to beat in the past called the "Black Knight". After tasting defeat, Tack goes to his uncle's retreat at Bear Mountain to train. The Black Knight busts his gang out of a jail transport. Together they kidnap Callahan and when Tackleberry fails to show up to rescue her, they decide to take over the entire Academy.

Safety Tips[]

Sweetchuck's Emergency Action Plan - part one[]

Sweetchuck lists the order of his Emergency Action Plan when the Professor gets a plunger stuck to his face.

Notable Quotes[]


  • Proctor has no lines in this episode.