Sweetchuck films
Sweetchuck (played by Tim Kazurinsky in the movies and voiced by Howard Morris in the cartoon) first appeared in the second film, as a shop owner terrorized by Zed and his gang.

In the third film, Sweetchuck decides to join the police force after his store is destroyed. His former tormentor Zed joins at the same time and in the same class, and the two become mismatched roommates. A stereotypical nerd, Sweetchuck's diminutive size and geeky appearance provided many gags, usually in relation to his physical weakness or as a foil for fellow recruit Zed.

After just a few days, Sweetchuck was unable to take any more of Zed's antics and attempted to leave the academy, but was convinced by Tackleberry to stay. He and Zed eventually got along better as time went on, though Sweetchuck still gets mad at Zed for one thing or the other.

Sweetchuck animated
Sweetchuck is in the animated series (along with Zed). He has a brother named Doug.
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