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Debbie Callahan is best known for her aggressive no-nonsense attitude and sexuality - especially with her large breasts and sexy disposition. Unlike Harris, however, she's not a "mean" instructor who antagonizes the cadets.

In her role as a teacher to the cadets, she usually gets into situations where after explaining or demonstrating the lesson, she is usually flanked by the male cadets volunteering to be her next test-subject. In the first film, while teaching self-defence, she sits on the Leslie Barbara's chest, where he's face-to-face with her crotch. After asking who wants to volunteer next, all the male cadets raise their hands and say they want to be next. In the fourth film, during a water safety lesson, she plays a drowning victim. After coming up to the surface, her breasts show through her wet shirt. She asks who's going to save her, and all the male cadets dive or jump into the pool, and she frantically swims away.

She is an avid weightlifter, disciplined in martial arts and has a good singing voice. In the first film, she has a relationship with Cadet George Martin. In the third and fourth films, she has a relationship with Cadet Tomoko Nogata. Her partner is Eugene Tackleberry in the 4th and the 5th films and in the animated series.

In Police Academy: The Series, Callahan has retired from the Police Force and has been elected District Attorney.[1]


  • She doesn't appear in the second film since Leslie Easterbrook was pregnant at the time
  • Her name is a reference to Harry Callahan, the star of the Dirty Harry film series.