Commandant Eric Lassard is one of the main recurring characters in the Police Academy series.

Profile[edit | edit source]

He is the head of the Metropolitan Police Academy who initially strays from the department's politics. His family consists of his unnamed wife, his younger brother and nephew.

When Police Chief Hurst and Lieutenant Harris were denouncing the new female mayor's policy change to remove more discriminative barriers from academy admissions, he plays along with them while secretly dismisses their comments once they've left the room. In Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol, he initiated the Citizens on Patrol (COP) program known as a community outreach course.

While easygoing and yet open-minded, Lassard's old age and absent-mindedness are his prime feeble that could nearly cost his job and forced into retirement. This case happened about 3 times in the films.

In Police Academy 3: Back In Training, his Metropolitan Police Academy fights against Mauser's Military Police Academy to stay open. In Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach, Lassard reaches the mandatory retirement age for police officers. This is brought to his superiors' attention by Captain Harris, and Lassard's retirement is announced to the surprise of everyone (including himself) at the subsequent graduation ceremony. He flies with his contingent to Miami Beach, Florida to be honored as Police Officer of the Decade at the National Police Chief's Convention. While in Miami, he inadvertently foils a jewel thief's escape, earning him and his men and women medals from the city of Miami. As a result, the mandatory retirement age is waived for him, and he is allowed to serve until he decides to retire himself. In Police Academy 6 : City Under Siege, the criminal mastermind who has begun to seize control of the city frames Lassard for another jewel heist, planting missing pieces in his desk drawer at the Oakdale Station, where he is heading up a task force. Lassard is taken off active duty pending an investigation, which ultimately clears him, when Nick and Hightower proved that Harris (which he wasn't aware about at the time) was the leak to the Mayor's master plan.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lassard is an eccentric old man, being approximately 70 years old. He is rarely seen without his pet goldfish, frequently travels by golf cart, and tends to destroy things while practicing playing golf in his office. Presumably due to old age, Lassard often loses touch with reality, either by beginning to pace and walk several yards away from the group he is addressing or by repeating the word "very" an abundance of times ("Have a very, very, very good day." "This is very, very... very bad.")

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The commandant is a skillful billiards player, once clearing an entire pool table in a single turn.
  • Lassard has other nephews in the animated series.
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