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Flights of the Bumbling Blues is the 49th episode of the Police Academy animated series.


Harris sternly warns Mahoney to arrest the three hijackers, Mr. Corak and his henchmen after a plane robbery on a plane. The cadets are on a mission to find Lassar's fish which becomes stolen by the three troublemakers, while Hightower has fear of heights.

Safety Tips[]

Taken for a Ride[]

Harris exits Burger Queen and receives a message that the Governor will be at the precinct in two minutes time. Knowing he can't be late, Harris tells Proctor to step on it, and Proctor speeds off without the Captain. Another car stops to give Harris a ride, but the driver turns out to be Lockjaw who demands a burger from Harris. Harris turns to the camera and states "Never accept a ride from strangers."

Notable Quotes[]