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Karate Cop is the 21st episode of the Police Academy animated series.


Jones finds help from his old karate teacher Master Shiro, after his karate skills seem to be diminished, following a botched encounter with some Japanese bad guys at the local power plant. The criminal today is Master Shiro's former student Flung Hi (I kid you not), who plans to harness various energy sources in his ultimate quest to take over the city. Jones must train harder to regain his confidence, as he prepares to face his nemesis in the inevitable showdown.

Safety Tips[]

Downed Wires[]

During a self-defence exercise, Callahan flips Sweetchuck into some telephone wires. Then she advises safety measures about downed wires.

Notable Quotes[]


  • The criminal Flung Hi was released as part of the second wave of Police Academy action figure line by Kenner in 1988.