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Laverne Hooks is a diminutive and soft-spoken woman with a very high-pitched voice. However, she is known for becoming aggressive when frustrated or otherwise pushed to her limit, punching people out or pulling her service weapon, screaming the memorable phrase: "Don't move, Dirtbag!"

In the third movie, Hooks became more assertive in keeping people in line. She was the first who quickly figured out that her former cadets, Blankes and Copeland were playing tricks. After knocking them out cold, she ordered Cadet Fackler to inform Mahoney of the situation with the Governor.

In the animated series, she is seen with Hightower as her partner (even in the 5th and 6th films).


  • Her "dirtbag" phrase is possibly something she inherited from her days in the Academy, under Thaddeus Harris's training regime.