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Police Academy is an American comedy film directed by Hugh Wilson and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is the first of the Police Academy films starring Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, and G.W. Bailey. It premiered on March 23, 1984, and was produced by The Ladd Company.


A new female mayor was elected, and she decided to change the hiring practices of police officers.

There would be no discrimination of ANY kind, making it possible for ANYONE to become a police officer. Many people who never dreamed of becoming police officers signed up immediately and the police departments were "sickened" by it.


Due to a shortage of police officers, the newly-elected mayor of an unnamed American city requires the police department to accept all willing recruits, regardless of all characteristics. An easy-going repeat offender, Carey Mahoney, gets in legal trouble for standing up to arrogant people. Captain Reed has been lenient of Mahoney due to being acquaintances with Mahoney's father. Mahoney reluctantly joins the police force to avoid jail, but actually plans to be thrown out as a loophole.

But the police department's top brass resent the idea. Chief Henry J. Hurst wants the new cadets to quit themselves rather than being thrown out. Cooperating with Hurst's idea is the ambitious Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris, who intends to make their lives miserable until they quit, and appoints two cadets, Copeland and Blankes, as squad leaders to help him. Only Commandant Eric Lassard, the only dissenter to Harris and Hurst's schemes, wants to give the new cadets a chance.


Academy Cadets[]

Cast Portrayal
Steve Guttenberg Carey Mahoney
Kim Cattrall Karen Thompson
Bubba Smith Moses Hightower
Donovan Scott Leslie Barbara
Michael Winslow Larvell Jones
Andrew Rubin George Martin
David Graf Eugene Tackleberry
Bruce Mahler Douglas Fackler
Marion Ramsey Laverne Hooks
Brant Von Hoffman Kyle Blankes
Scott Thomson Chad Copeland

Academy staff[]

Cast Portrayal
G. W. Bailey Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris
George Gaynes Commodant Eric Lassard
Leslie Easterbrook Sergeant Debbie Callahan
George R. Robertson Chief Henry J. Hurst


Cast Portrayal
Debralee Scott Mrs. Fackler
Ted Ross Captain Reed
Doug Lennox Main Bad Guy
Georgina Spelvin Hooker
Don Lake Mr. Wig


It eventually spawned six more film sequels after given 28 positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, increasing the approval rating to 54%.