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Police Academy: The Animated Series is a 1989 American animated television series based on the Police Academy film series. The show was produced by Ruby-Spears Enterprises for Warner Bros. Television, in collaboration with Hanna-Barbera Productions and Toei Animation. It aired on weekdays from September 1988 to September 1989, and lasted two seasons for a total of 65 episodes. The animated series takes place chronologically between the fourth, fifth and sixth films.


  • Carey Mahoney – The most clever and leader of the cadets. Mahoney is always ready to lend a hand to his companions.
  • Larvell Jones – Mahoney's usual sidekick. He is a martial arts master, but his main talent is beatboxing – he is able to imitate all manner of noises, including sirens, gunfire, helicopters, and so forth.
  • Carl Sweetchuck – Sweetchuck is the most cowardly of the group. He is very accident prone and oblivious to the harm caused by his clumsiness.
  • Zed McGlunk – Carl's patrol partner and messy and unkempt member of the group. Zed usually drags his partner along in his wily and erratic pursuits.
  • Moses Hightower – Hightower is known for his great size and physical strength. His stature often comes into play when the characters find themselves in situations in which bars must be bent or walls need to smash through.
  • Laverne Hooks – Moses' patrol partner who is small, soft-spoken, and passive. However, she has shown herself capable of being extremely forceful and loud in situations in which she is provoked.
  • Thomas Conklin – "House" is known for his large frame and his congenial nature. He is always hungry and proves himself to be cowardly. He patrols with Sweetchuck and Zed and often accompanies them in their escapades.
  • Eugene Tackleberry – Characterized by a pronounced jaw and almost always wears glasses and helmet, is a weapons fanatic. He has a weakness for his fellow partner Callahan. He often uses the armored car of the police which he usually wrecks. He is fond of using a bazooka.
  • Debbie Callahan – Eugene's patrol partner and the statuesque beauty of the group who is extremely resilient and has a beautiful singing voice.


Season 1[]

  1. The Good, the Bad, and the Bogus
  2. Puttin' on The Dogs
  3. The Phantom of the Precinct
  4. Cops and Robots
  5. Police Academy Blues
  6. A Blue Knight at the Opera
  7. Worth Her Weight in Gold
  8. For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll
  9. Westward Ho Hooks
  10. My Mummy Lies Over the Ocean
  11. Numbskull's Revenge
  12. Proctor, Call a Doctor!
  13. Little Zed and Big Bertha
  14. Curses on You!
  15. Lights, Action, Coppers
  16. Camp Academy
  17. The Tell Tale Tooth
  18. Mr. Sleaze Versus Lockjaw
  19. Spaced Out Space Cadets
  20. Sweetchuck's Brother
  21. Karate Cop
  22. The Hang Ten Gang
  23. Nine Cops and a Baby
  24. Fish and Microchips
  25. Precinct of Wax
  26. Cop Scouts

Season 2[]

  1. Professor Jekyll and Gangster Hyde
  2. Operation Big House
  3. Kingpin's Council of Crime
  4. Ship of Jewels
  5. Zillion Dollar Zed
  6. The Comic Book Caper
  7. The Monkey Trial
  8. Rolling for Dollars
  9. K-9 Corps and the Peking Pooch
  10. Santa with a Badge
  11. Suitable for Framing
  12. Rock Around the Cops
  13. Prince and the Copper
  14. Now You Steal It, Now You Don't
  15. Mad Maxine
  16. Trading Disgraces
  17. Champ
  18. Wheels of Fortune
  19. The Wolf Who Cried Boy
  20. Snow Job
  21. A Bad Knight for Tackleberry
  22. Supercop Sweetchuck
  23. Deja Voodoo
  24. Flights of the Bumbling Blues
  25. Big Burger
  26. Fat City
  27. Elementary, My Dear Coppers!
  28. Dr. Deadstone, I Presume
  29. The Hillbilly Blues
  30. Survival of the Fattest
  31. The Junkman Ransoms the Ozone
  32. Grads on Tour
  33. Like Coppers, Like Son
  34. Ten Little Cops
  35. Big Top Cops
  36. Alpine K-9s
  37. The Legend of Robin Good
  38. Hawaii Nine-0
  39. Thieves Like Us

In other languages[]

Italian Scuola di polizia
Spanish Loca academia de policía/locademia de policía
Hungarian Rendőrakadémia
Lithuanian Policijos akademija
Arabic أكاديمية الشرطة

International broadcast[]

  • Italy
    • Mediaset
  • Japan
    • TV Asahi (currently)
    • TV Tokyo (previously)


  • The animated series was popular in Europe, especially in Italy.
  • Marvel Comics published a short-lived comic book series presented by their 'Star Comics' line that was based on the cartoon series called Police Academy: The Comic Book.