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Precinct of Wax is the 25th episode of the Police Academy animated series.


Wax museum curator Waxen Wayne has a special formula that allows him to mold his face to look like anyone. Along with Kingpin, they devise a fiendish plot to do away with the governor, so that Kingpin can be free to do away with anything. After kidnapping the governor and with Wayne diguised in his stead, the police are shocked to hear what the "governor" really wants -- no more cops! To make matters worse, Sweetchuck and Zed are also captured, as Kingpin prepares to transform the three into wax statues... permanently!

Safety Tips[]

Stop, Drop, Rock and Roll[]

On a camping trip with the gang, Harris and Proctor, Mahoney, House and Tack rap about bonfire safety with Jones providing the beat.

Notable Quotes[]


  • The criminal Kingpin was released as part of the second wave of Police Academy action figure line by Kenner in 1988.
  • When Kingpin searches for a criminal to hire on his computer, he dismisses Numbskull and Amazona from previous season one cases. Before settling on Waxen Wayne, alias The Chameleon, the computer scrolls by Fly Speck, Dr. Lou-Su and Dirt Ball.