Puttin' on The Dogs is the 2nd episode of the Police Academy animated series.


The Chief orders Harris to catch the cat burglar known only as "The Claw" and his pet cat, Mouser. Lassard offers the use of the Academy's new K-9 Corps trained by Sgt. Bowzer. Harris is unimpressed with Bowzer's dogs, but thinks they may help him to get Mahoney and the other graduates dismissed. The Claw intends to steal the visiting Queen's jewels at a costume party in her honor, but the graduates are all waiting for him in disguise.

Safety Tips

Your Number's Up

Commandant Lassard and his pet fish explains how to use a pay phone.

Notable Quotes


  • Just before Proctor puts a steak in the tuba player's instrument, there is one shot in which the stool the musician is supposed to be sitting on is missing, and he appears to be floating in mid-air.
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