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Space Out Space Cadets is the 19th episode of the Police Academy animated series.


Thanks to Proctor and Harris's meddling, Mahoney and co. have been selected to NASA's "Astro Cops" program while finding themselves aboard. But the plan falls out of orbit as the shuttle's coordinates get reprogrammed and land in the Amazon jungle. Will the Cadets find the answers and a way home?

Safety Tips[]

A Scareless Halloween Part One[]

Mahoney teaches the kids to be careful about getting goodies with parental guidance.

Notable Quotes[]


Apart from Mahyoney dressed in a Top Hat and Tails, all the other graduates are briefly shown earing Halloween Costumes in the background. Callahan is dressed as Elvira, Hightower as Frankenstein's Monster, Sweetchuck is a knight, Zed a Native American, Jones is a Ninja, Hooks is Dorothy Gayle and Tackleberry is dressed as Tarzan.