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Sweetchuck's Brother is the 20th episode of the Police Academy animated series.


Sweetchuck hides from his brother Doug, FBI Agent 839, when he comes to the Academy looking for assistance in nabbing a wanted spy. The grads discover Sweetchuck's insecurities, as Doug is bigger, stronger, more confident, and seemingly better at everything than his older brother.

Hoping to build Sweetchuck's confidence, Mahoney, Jones, Tackleberry & House set up a mock robbery for Sweetchuck to apprehend, and to prove himself to his brother. But things go awry when Doug is captured by the spy, putting Sweetchuck in a very real situation.

Safety Tips[]

Prepare to Shake[]

Sweetchuck, Zed and House teach the main essentials and preparations in case of earthquakes and other disasters.

Notable Quotes[]