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The Return of Baby Boomer is the main story in the fourth issue of Police Academy: The Comic Book published by Marvel Comics with a "Star Comics Presents" byline in 1989.


As a young man, Lassard captured the notorious Baby Boomer by mistake, after hitting him on the head with a golf ball. Baby Boomer swore to have his revenge, and was finally released from prison forty years later. His accomplices, Swifty and Dolly, now pensioners, were still waiting for him in their old hideout. Commandant Lassard holds a press conference to ensure the public they have nothing to fear from the Baby Boomer, during which Proctor hands him a threatening letter from Baby Boomer himself, as well as a ticking package. Mahoney and Jones manage to get Lassard to safety just in time.

The old crooks head to Corny Island Park, which has been condemned, because they hid their loot their in the past. Unfortunately, Swifty can't remember where it was hidden. Mahoney and Jones have rounded up the gang, but decide to wait until Lassard arrives so he can get the credit for capturing Boomer once again. Lassard enters the park by himself, forcing the graduates to follow him. House gets stuck in the ferris wheel, but is saved by Hightower. Tack and Callahan try to arrest Boomer at the Merry-Go-Round, but end up with a fake horse on top of their motorcycle.

Zed enjoys himself in an airplane ride and finds the loot inside his flight cabin. But the ride breaks down, Zed's fake plane crashes and the Boomer grabs the bag filled with money from him. The crooks head for the elephant roller coaster, followed by Lassard who is afraid they might hurt themselves. Mahoney and Jones follow suit. After they are all aboard the roller coaster, Baby Boomer aims a bomb at Lassard, but drops it instead. The ride runs out of tracks and ends up in the Tunnel of Love, causing the bomb's fuse to be put out in the water. Swifty and Dolly find it all very romantic, but Baby Boomer is so upset he grabs a pair of handcuffs and wants to go back to jail where it's safe. Lassard is celebrated as a hero once again in the "Daily Snooze" newspaper. Mahoney claims that bomb don't frighten him, but is startled by the backfire from Lassard's golf cart just the same.

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