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Zed McGlunk was a former hyperactive gang leader with eccentric mannerisms, appearance, and taste. After being arrested by Hooks in the 2nd film, he reforms and decides to become a police officer along with Sweetchuck in the third film.


Zed is almost like a child, admonishing his cronies to "act their age" while they trash a supermarket and thanking the cashier for the "great bargains" (as his gang trundle shopping carts full of stolen food out of the store). When his gang disrupts an anti-crime street fair sponsored by the Mayor, he tells her: "I voted for you!"

He brought trouble to Sweetchuck, who was the subject of harassment during their civilian years. They become roommates at the Police Academy and manage to get along (to an extent) with each other in time. He suffers from speech difficulties and often squeaks or swallows his words.

In the fourth film, he falls in love with Laura, one of the Citizens On Patrol.


His bad breath and screaming, potent enough to blow down a door, are far more powerful weapons than any firearm. However, he can get high on tear gas.


  • "I used to be a real jerk, but now I'm a people guy!"


  • Many gags are based around Zed's fondness for things that contrast with his wild-man image, such as Family Affair (actually crying at dramatic moments) and his Mickey Mouse watch.